Quick and Dirty

A quick and dirty post.

I have thought a lot about the Sterling situation this week and I for one am scared and bothered.

Scared that we have turned into a country where you can’t even have a private conversation without fear that the media will exploit it.  I am even more fearful that more people out there are not raising this point.  This is a watershed moment America, so you better wake up or you will one day find yourself under investigation by the thought police, because I know EVERYONE in this country and worldwide has once thought disparaging or derogatory thoughts about one group or another.

Furthermore, who draws that line?

What’s racist to one person, may not be to another.  What’s offensive to one homosexual may not be to another.  What one person might consider religious beliefs might be hateful to another.  Again, I ask, who draws the line?

I am bothered because all people seem to be jumping on this bandwagon without waking up to the realty.  Bothered because we choose to call out one group while ignoring another.  I love Snoop Dogg’s music, well from the early 90s anyway when he was relevant.  Remember this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic7KH1PpbMY  Where are the feminists on this one???? Furthermore, should I be scrutinized for having the song on my iPod????

Like I said, quick and dirty.  let’s stop judging and look in the mirror.



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