How Do Y’all Do it?

Man, I am overwhelmed by the posts and comments and replies that I see daily in my inbox!  I mean, some of you post new blogs like five times a day, maybe more!

I check my inbox once or twice and there are so many updates that I can barely look at them all.  Then I ask myself, “am I wasting my time?  I mean bow can I expect to gain followers when I am lucky to get a post up once a day or every couple of days???”

I see OM posting like a mad man.  I like reading his stuff but I am lucky if I can read one of his posts per day.  Then I see others posting comments, replying, OM replying, writing their own posts, etc …

My day is so busy with work, so I beg the question, HOW DO Y’ALL DO IT???



4 thoughts on “How Do Y’all Do it?

  1. You don’t need to post everyday to gain subscribers. I post once a week at my own pace and my subscription still grows. It’s best to focus less on the numbers and enjoy blogging. After all, why burn out and stress out just because you cannot cope with posting everyday? Have fun, blog with a set schedule (doesn’t have to be daily), and most importantly never lose sight of the reason you are blogging 🙂

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