And There Goes the Weekend

Well, Friday, as always, came super fast!

But, Monday, just like always, came even faster …

… but i cherish every moment.

The weekend is a time when you truly feel free.  It’s a time where you can do what you want (for the most part) and what you enjoy.  I actually put myself in my future self’s shoes and pretend I am living that dream.  The dream where I am self-sustaining.  The dream where I get up early, write, return emails, and write some more until my family awakes.

Then, we have a long, relaxing breakfast.  We break loose for the days activities, getting my daughter to and from rehearsal and class.  We spend a little time, non-rushed time, looking over school work. It actually can be enjoyable when not pushed by weekly, insane timelines!!!

We spend time in the yard.  I actually like yard work but would like it much more if it were a leisurely activity instead of the current rat race it is now, racing against a clock to get it all done within a specified period of time!  Tick, tick, tick the clock goes.

Nice relaxing dinners prepared with love.

Mass and time to reflect on God and thank Him for his many blessings while asking Him to continue His watch on humanity.

Then, the alarm blares and here we sit.  Blogging, procrastinating, waiting for the words to flow.  And, of course, counting down the minutes, until it’s time to go.

And, Monday, the week, begins again, but I know Friday will too come back again!


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