Helmet Head Rules

Helmets, helmets, and more helmets …

Happy family riding bikes.They are everywhere, but mostly you see them on kids.  It’s always funny to me when you see a family out for a bike ride and the parents are sans helmets (see above) but the kids are wearing them like good little soldiers.  If the helmets are so important, then why aren’t the parents wearing them!!!  (Note, the exclamation point as this is a rhetorical question)

When in God’s name did helmets grow on our children’s heads?  Really?  I ask you when?  I didn’t grow up needing a helmet.  I know my parents didn’t either.  Heck, as recent as the mid-nineties helmets weren’t necessary.  I know this because I was recently watching “Mrs. Doubtfire” and there is a scene where they take a bike ride and NONE of them, even the little girl on the back of Doubtfire’s bike, is wearing a helmet.  Compare that with any contemporary movies.

Is this part and parcel of a paradigm shift in our society where we have become too overprotective?  Our own Government has grown into a behemoth and we, as a society not as a general rule, look to the government to fix all that ails us.  Has that seeped into our general thought process?  Why do we feel the need to protect every cotton-picking thing our kids do?  How are they supposed to learn to fail, fall, get hurt, whatever if we place helmets on their heads.  Helmets to me are a metaphor for what ails this world!  Better yet, can’t we just wrap our kids in a bubble???  That way they will never get sick or get a scrape or anything, right???

I have no idea what happened, but I will tell you that seeing all these helmets is ludicrous and upsetting to me!  Shed the helmets people and let your kids learn how to fall!  Oh, and now we have to wear them skiing!!!???!!!  What’s next, “put your helmet on little Billy before playing in the school yard!!!”????

Up next, “The Trophy Society” and what that has done to our future …


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