Challenge – Most Influential “Writing Moment” or “Moments”???

From Opinionated Man:

Yes! Three things.
1) In my junior year of high school, I wrote an essay on why boys should be allowed to wear baseball caps indoors (not sure if it’s the same but back then this was strictly forbidden!). I submitted it to my English teacher who was the harshest judge of writing. To my surprise, she loved it and told me I have a knack for the written word. Again, did I say to my surprise????

I didn’t do much writing after that, but …

2) As a non traditional college student in my mid-twenties, I took an American Lit course. We read For Whom the Bell Tolls. I fell in love with Pa Pa Hemingway and reignited my passion for writing. Up to that point, I had thought very little about what that English teacher told me, but as I turned the pages of For Whom the Bell Tolls, my own bell tolled in my brain reminding me of that brief time in history and rare moment when said teacher praised me. From there, I started writing sporadically .

Again my writing was sporadic, but then …

3) My daughter was born and suddenly I was motivated to write. I started an adult novel, but have not finished it because I have been working on a young children’s book for years now that is near completion. My daughter taught me I wanted to leave something else behind and have been writing daily ever since …. even if it is no good, I still do it!

And every day, I remember the praise I received from that English teacher … EVERY DAY!!!


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