Are We Raising Our Kids

bored-studentMy wife and I recently considered homeschool.  We looked into it, asked questions of those who do it, and ultimately decided we are not ready to make that commitment.  Maybe we will come back to it because if it were up to me, we would do it in a heartbeat.

It’s a tough one.  How easy is it to drop our kids off at school and let the “experts” handle it for the next 7-8 hours?  Homeschooling is hard, really, really hard!

We get into this parenting game to raise our children, to love them, to teach them what we believe, to teach them how to be good, caring people, to teach them to hold true to our values.  However, once we drop them off the institution then takes over and the people therein take over and fill there heads with crap, with their belief system or a liberal culture’s belief system.  We relinquish our God-given right as parents five days a week, nine months a year.  Then (we don’t do this but I know many who do) we shuffle them off to camp all summer for another set of institutionalized instructors to pollute our children’s minds.

So, I ask the question, are we really raising our kids?  Even if you are a liberal and you are okay with how the school system brain washes your kids, do you really believe you are raising your children?  Are our kids really being stimulated, taught to learn, heck taught to love learning?  Or are they just cramming information into their heads for tests most of which will be forgotten a day later?  Are they learning how to think logically?  Critically?  Are they cultivating a passion for anything?

I don’t know.  The whole system seem screwed up to me.  But what do I know …


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