What a Day

Tell me if this doesn’t sound like a Seinfeld episode.

Driving on the highway to see a client.  My car stops working, literally stopped working.  No hazard lights, no engine … NOTHING!  I pulled off the side of the road and was scared to death with the trucks whizzing by at Mach 10 shaking my car with every pass.  Highway assistant pulls up and I get in to wait for the tow truck.

Tow truck pulls up and the dude that gets out is like 300lbs!  Really.  He gets the car on the flat bead, gets in my car and then waves to the highway dude I am with to come over to the car.  The guy goes over and then quickly come back shaking his head.  He gets in the car and says “unbelievable, he just tore his knee and can’t move, so I have to call an ambulance and we will need another tow truck driver.”

So we sat there for 20 minutes waiting for the EMT and the guy is laying in my car unable to move.  Meanwhile, the state troopers show up and block traffic to one lane which causes a five-mile back up!  Then, the highway guy gets a call that there is an accident at the beginning of the back up because someone was not paying attention to the slowing traffic and rear ended another driver.  All this because my POS car broke down!  $415 later I have a new alternator and back on the road.


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