The Coffee Chronicles – Day 2 – Post-Coffee

Okay, first cup of coffee is now in my system.  The coffee in the room is horrible.  It’s one of those single cup makers and it really is a poor excuse for the liquid gold delight that awakes me every morning. Regardless, it does the job.

I slept well but could use another hour or so.  I wanted to get up and work out today but there was no way.  As a result, I will go through the morning a little off beat and sluggish but I think my body will thank me for a little recovery and extra sleep.  Tomorrow won’t start as early so I can get something in then.

It was too late last night when I got to my room to even speak to my family.  So sad.  I mean what kind of world do we live in where we create these God-awful schedules for ourselves and we can’t even steal five minutes to talk to our loved ones.

I’ll tell you what kind.  A kind that is driven by business, by doing all the time.  Is that good or bad?  I say you need a little of both.

Yes, we need to be active and create existence for ourselves that hopefully carries through to other generations.  Yes, we need to produce goods and services for others to use to keep our economy going.  But we also need time to see life, to enjoy our loved ones, to enjoy this beautiful planet that God created.

That last thought is why I am here doing what I am doing, scribbling these thoughts.  I want to find another way to impact lives.  I want to give people something to think about and influence their thought in a positive way.  I want to give people escape from their daily grinds.

I will leave you for the day with one quote that I recently read: “Tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it.”  —Napoleon Hill

And, so, I say, a writer I am not yet, but a writer I will be.

Good day and God Bless.


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