The Coffee Chronicles – Day 1 – End of Day

It’s 9:18pm marking the end of a very long day that started at 3:50am today.  What can I say other than I am completely wiped out.  So much so that I can’t even type!  Imagine that.

The day was good and went fast as they usually do.  The car ride was uneventful but had the familiar dark cloud looming over me that every time there was silence I should’ve had something profound to say or offer the next great idea that would take our company to the next level.

But, inevitably, there was silence in my head, crickets even.  Any little thought or idea I had was brushed off.  I wish I had the type of mind that churned out idea after idea getting my boss excited and making him feel like I am a good investment.

Tonight at dinner he challenged me looking for the next big idea.  I floundered a little but came back with something he liked.  Is it the next big idea?  Maybe not, but it was a step in the right direction.  Personally, I would have preferred a little small talk about baseball or something but that’s not how the man’s mind works.  It’s all work all the time!

Oh well, tomorrow starts a new day beginning with breakfast at 6:30 followed by a meeting at 7:30, then another at 9:30 and another at 11:30, followed by an hour in the car and a meeting at 3 and another at 5.  In short, another long day awaits.

The good news?  There is a Starbucks in walking distance and I will be there as soon as they open, which I hope is 5:30!

Good night and God Bless.


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