The Coffee Chronicles – Day 1

My first blog under the “Free by Forty” moniker was called “The Day I Woke Up,” and it told a story of me traveling the greater Northeast with my boss and how that trip woke me up and showed me how important it is to enjoy every moment at home with my daughter.

It’s what inspired me to write this blog, to create an outlet and imagine that I could one day be free of the corporate chains living a life that allowed me to spend more time with my daughter as life sped by like a meteor in space!

Well, here I sit at 4:30am about to embark on yet another Northeast sojourn.  My wife and daughter sleep soundly in their beds as I prepare myself mentally for the coming three-day trip.  So I thought chronicling this trip would be appropriate (I cringe when I use that word because I had a business writing professor in college who despised it and it’s stuck with me ever since – more on that later – yet I still use the damn word!) and possibly interesting for some of you to read.  At the very least, I will enjoy looking back on it when I do finally achieve my life’s dream (which by the way, I know will happen)!

I woke up at 3:50am.  I had my first cup of coffee at 3:55am.  Now I love my morning coffee.  Without it, I cannot begin to tell you how bad my days would be.  In fact, I spend a lot of my time when I travel trying to make sure I have it ready when I first wake up and given that the coffee in hotel rooms sucks and Starbucks does not open until 5:30, it’s harder than it sounds!  Hence, I call this “The Coffee Chronicles” and this is day 1 and I will for sure be searching out that perfect cup before I go to bed so I am prepared in the mornings.  But, I have to be careful not to have more than 1 ½ cups or I will have to pee 45 minutes into the first 2 ½ hour leg of our trip and my boss does not like stopping (unless of course he has to go) at all!

I checked e-mails and was reminded how I am not the only what out there slaving away.  I received an e-mail from a colleague that was sent at 3:45am.  Turns out he was up at 3:30am to finish a project, so he could be somewhere for a presentation at 7:30am.  Man, we really do run ourselves ragged do we not???

I am going out for a run, just two miles, at 5.  I need this because, as any runner will tell you, it is much like coffee.  It wakes you up, gets the brain flowing and I need all the brainpower I can muster to have any chance competing with my genius-level IQ of a boss.  And really, I have no chance of competing, but my hope is to at least sound somewhat intelligent.

Knowing that my daughter and wife are safely tucked in bed, makes me feel good.  Knowing that I had a nice night with my daughter, gives me peace.  She was excited last night because she participated in a level of ballet that was two levels above her.  To add to the excitement, the instructor sought my wife out to tell her how amazed she was that our daughter could keep up and in some ways had better form than the older girls.  We then watched some baseball together while she drew me a picture that will be my phone screen saver, a constant reminder of her love.

Gotta run, but I will be back later with an update for my 20 followers.  Wish me luck and God Bless!


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