How Do I Go From SAHM To WAHM? – Imagine a world of SAHMs!!!

Coming across this blog, I first felt compelled to post a comment, which I did, but I then felt obligated to re-post and write a bit more!  I know this will upset some people, but please resist your knee-jerk reaction that you have been conditioned to have by our society and really listen to the message.  Search your hearts and ask yourself if what we have done over the last 60 years is working … or do we need to chart another course to right the ship of the world???

When women started going to work and we saw families with two incomes, suddenly we, as a nation, could pay more for things and the law of economics stepped in and items became more and more expensive … whatever the market bears right? And now, we are in this vicious cycle where we almost “need” two incomes in order to afford the simple, once-attainable-by-one-income American Dream of a house in the suburbs in a quaint community where everyone looks out for one another and kids grow up well-adjusted and eager to carry the torch through the next generation.

Now, we have a society that encourages us to send our kids off to institutions for strangers to raise them.  Is it any wonder that our culture is falling to pieces???  Is it any wonder that our youth is lost in drugs, premarital sex and overcome with disorders like ADD, ADHD, OCD and whatever other illnesses we can invent??? Add to that the fact that we are allowing secular progressives to dictate how we show our belief and faith in God and we have a society that casts morality aside for what feels good as opposed to doing what is right.  Hence, drug use is up, teen pregnancy is up, crime is up and any other unbecoming behavior we can think of is up … as a matter of fact, we now see these things as the norm and can no longer see the root of the problem, so we hide behind excuses and prescription drugs!
We need to encourage more and more women that staying home is not a burden. It is a joy that should be celebrated. Raising our kids, instilling virtue and faith in them is the single-most important role of being a parent!
Otherwise, why are we having kids if we don’t even want to raise them???

John Lennon wrote a song about imagining a better world, a world without war, a world in peace.  I have a better idea, let’s imagine a world where our society wakes up out of this terrible nightmare and tells the feminazis to shove it.  Imagine a world where millions of women realize the damage they are doing by dropping their kids off at daycare day in and day out.  I know the argument coming, “that’s easy for you to say, but I have to work!”  Really?  Do you?  Imagine that you downsize your house (I mean does it make sense that our families have gotten smaller while our houses have gotten bigger???)  Imagine that you don’t have two or three (or however many you have) cars!  Imagine that instead of going to Hawaii for vacation, you go to a local destination.  Imagine not going out to eat three times a week.

Imagine that you can think and do things differently.  Imagine what would happen to our economy if suddenly we all lived off one income.


Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus


Ever since I was thrown into motherhood, I’ve loved being a SAHM (stay at home mom). I loving being at home with my daughter (soon to be adding another), and I can’t imagine leaving everyday to work. Downfall: being broke. I’m really interested in working from home, but have no idea how to go about it. I don’t have too much experience in anything. All I know is, I love to write, and I love being a SAHM. But, I’d like to change that to a WAHM (work at home mom). I’ve scoured the internet for legitimate online jobs. I haven’t come across many, or any I would qualify for.

Would I like to be a paid blogger? YES. Is that as easy as it sounds? NO. Just because I love to write/blog, doesn’t mean people like or read what I write. Being liked is pretty much the golden ticket to success…

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Go From SAHM To WAHM? – Imagine a world of SAHMs!!!

    • I say we have more stuff, less connection with one another. My wife and I struggle so that she can stay home. Meanwhile, we watch as others have nicer homes, go on more vacations, have nicer cars, etc…

      I’d rather have the connection with my family than drive a Mercedes (although a Mercedes would be nice!).

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