The Lottery – A Powerball for the History Books!

Well, we have just witnessed the coming and winning of another historical Powerball Lottery.  For those not familiar with it, the Powerball is a lottery that requires the winner to match five numbers and a sixth called the “Powerball.”

After someone wins, the PB resets itself to a lowly $40 Million, so you can see how quickly it can get up there.  This particular PB was $590.5 million, apparently the highest PB in history, and according to Fox News, one winner in central Florida has the winning ticket.

Imagine that?  Waking up this morning and finding yourself $590.5 Million richer!  Not sure what that nets to but I would imagine after Uncle Sam sinks his teeth into it it, will be somewhere around $200 Million, not a bad pay day.

When we buy that ticket and wait for the drawing, we all dream of hitting this lottery and the freedom that it will bring.  We envision, first and foremost, telling our boss where to shove it.  We then list the people we are going to take care of, and then begin crossing (mentally of course) things off our bucket list.

Then, reality hits, someone far away from you wins and you go on with your day-to-day only to play yet another day.  Imagine, however, the thrill that that person is experiencing right now, assuming they know they are the winner??? I once matched four of the five and had to put the ticket down before looking at the fifth and the PB.

My heart was racing.  It was 5am and I could not breath.  I sat there for minutes wanting so badly to look and discover that I was an instant millionaire, but not wanting to look knowing it was entirely possible that this was just a tease.  I was  scared to death.  What if I was the winner?  Could I handle the pressure of keeping track of all that money?  How would I handle all of the people coming out of the woodwork looking for a handout?  Could I say no?

These were the questions running through my head and this was only after seeing that I matched four numbers.  When I finally looked, I saw that I missed the fifth number by one digit and the PB by two!  Holy crap was that close!  The end of the day, I won $100.

After that experience, I began to wonder.  If I win, will I really be free?  Is that person who won in Florida today free now?  or are they more of a slave and a target than ever.  Before this moment, I assume they were just a normal ordinary person going through life, working every day (maybe), paying bills, raising a family or whatever ordinary existence it may have been.

Now, they have discovered they are suddenly worth triple-digit millions!  Are they relieved or scared shitless?  Do they even have enough smarts to be scared?  Let’s face it, there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with that kind of cash and unless you grew up with a lot of money, you have no idea how it can impact your life both negatively and positively.

For now, congrats to the winner!  But, please, be diligent and don’t squander it!  let this opportunity reset your life.  Pay your debts.  Help out some charities.  And live your life as you would have before, with the simple change of being able to pay for everything in cash!

Let the money set you free, not shackle you more than you are now!


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