The Robin in the Leaves

Last night I watched a robin in a pile of leaves.  I have no idea what he was doing, but I found myself fascinated by the little guy, so I sat there watching him for a few minutes.

You see, I had just walked out of the office, tired, dreary and stressed from the day’s work.  Worried about my upcoming four-day trip with my boss, worried about sales that I need to close, worried about all other projects that need to get done (at home and at work!), I found myself thinking “I’ll bet that robin ain’t worried about shite!”

And it’s true and we know it is true.  What is that robin doing?  he is just living, being if you will.  He is so focused on whatever it was he was doing that nothing around him mattered, nothing that happened that morning, nothing that was going to happen later in the day … nothing, just a focus on the here and now.

I think we westerners describe that state of being as “the zone” where you are simply so focused on what you are doing that neither the past nor the future seem to matter.  Rather, you are just enveloped in the task at hand. I think the Japanese refer to this as Satori.

Usually that state of mind comes when we are performing a physical activity like sports or playing an instrument.  Think about hitting a golf ball.  As you make your swing, nothing else is going through your mind right?  Or when you are playing guitar or the piano or the violin, nothing else matters but the motions needed to make the desired sounds you are looking to produce.  Or when you are surfing, there is nothing else in the world at that moment except you, the wave and the board under your feet!

Unfortunately, aside from those moments, we are distracted nearly 99% of the time worried about our children, the mortgage, retirement, work, etc.!  Do you think that robin has those same concerns?  No way.

I am not suggesting we stop worrying about our children or our responsibilities.  Obviously, our lives are certainly more involved than that of the robin.  But we do need to find a way to simplify and somehow ease the stress and the constant worry of everything.

We are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS, but all we do is DO.  We stopped living a long time ago, save but a few scarce moments a year.  How do we get back to living life and enjoying all that it has to offer?  That is true freedom.  Any suggestions? I am open to whatever you have to say!


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