The Weekend is Over

And, just like that, the weekend is over!  Another weekend has passed us by.  And what a glorious weekend it was.  It was a tribute weekend to Mothers, so I hope all moms out there felt appreciated and were able to enjoy themselves!  One day out of the year for yourself is better than none, right???

It’s Monday.  I think there is a song (or many songs) about Monday.  Many of us despise Mondays, but my goal is to make Monday just as great as Saturday.

Is there anyone out there who likes Monday, who gets up on Monday feeling just like they do on Saturday?  If so, how did you get there?  What do the rest of us need to do to get there and escape the so called “rat race”???

No wonder there are so many songs about Mondays and how they suck!  Here is a challenge to help you get through your morning.  Try to name as many songs about Monday as you can.  Here is a start:

Manic Monday – The Bangles – An 80s favorite!

Good luck and I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!


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