Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless!

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Today is a short post, just a simple quick wish to all Mother’s out there.  Happy Mother’s Day!  God Bless you for your sacrifices and the endless contributions you have made and continue to make to our world.

Motherhood is the basis for the continuation of our species.  Motherhood gives birth to every future generation. Without the unconditional love from Mothers, children would not have the self-esteem or identity needed to go out into the world and make it a better place.

Quite simply, without Mothers, we would cease to exist. 

             Happy Mother’s Day to my wife.  Her love for our daughter is so immense and uncanny that it can only be understood by all the mothers in the universe for only they know what it’s like to experience the miracle of birth.

I love you sweetie!

I wish a special Happy Mother’s Day to my mom in particular because without her, I would not exist.  Without her, I would not have the courage to battle through life, I would not have the belief in myself that I can obtain my dreams (however delayed they may be at this point), I would not have the sound perspective that I have on life, and most importantly, I would not have my faith and love for God!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  I love you!


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