Flip Flops and FootJoys … and sneakers too!

As I prepare for the long day ahead of me, I don my brown business shoes.  They are nice shoes, somewhat comfortable even, and really they ought to be at $200 a pair!

I stand and check myself one last time in the mirror.  Adjust a hair here, smooth out a tuck of the shirt there, align my belt with my zipper and shirt buttons, and, convinced that I look the part, off I go for another journey of meetings filled with serious discussions, pleasantries, and platitudes.

As I drive and battle first-morning traffic and a-holes galore, I think about where life will lead me.  Since this is the same route I take with my family to our favorite vacation town along the shore, I think about vacation where I can live by my own schedule and rules.

Longing for my vacation with the family that is only a few months away now, I know those two weeks will come and go quickly.  It’s nice, certainly, so do not get me wrong.  I mean some freedom is better than none, right???

I then drift into a longing for something I know is coming, a much simpler time where I am on my own.  Do you ever feel in your soul that you were meant for something different but have not yet found it? For me, I have found it, and I know what I was meant for.  I am just having trouble getting there.

When I do, these semi-comfortable brown business shoes will be shed.  Footwear, let it be said, can set you free, and one day I will wear nothing other than flip flops and FootJoys.

(Oh, and sneakers too, for those long runs along the shoreline!)


2 thoughts on “Flip Flops and FootJoys … and sneakers too!

  1. Good writing. I know how you feel. Sometimes I have to drive my boss to one of the remote communities where I work (3 hours) and I dread it. I like him but filling three hours is nearly more than I can deal with. I have a longing too for something simpler and it isn’t just a holiday but a way of life that brings peace and contentment … it’s out there.

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