The Gay “Marriage” Debate Wears on and on and on and on

So, today the Supreme Court begins hearing testimony about the gay “marriage” issue.  All of this, as I understand it, comes from California’s Prop 8, right?

Okay, I am not here to make the case one way or another as to whether or not gay “marriage” should be legalized (that will come later).  This entry is a quick post because I am angered by the whole premise that the Supreme Court is even involved in this issue.

Let me get this straight.  The people of California had a vote, the results were astoundingly against gay “marriage”, so why didn’t it stop there???  What’s the point of voting on something if the government can simply say, “nope. sorry, your vote doesn’t count because we don’t like or agree with the outcome”?????

If we let this happen, where will it end?  That’s a rhetorical question because the answer really is quite simple …

… it will be the end of the our freedom.


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